Kaz Stuart Leadership is a one woman company that is about leadership development and consultancy with a soul. I coach and teach leadership and management from the belief that everyone is a leader of something. My work is underpinned by my experience of leadership and management across education, youth work, social care, research and higher education; through my MBA and PhD studies; and on-going leadership development and consultancy.

I offer good value and high quality tailored coaching and teaching to anyone and try to provide free sessions to people who cannot afford to pay. My vision is to have ‘leaderful communities’ where everyone can lead or manage something well.

I can run sessions and programmes in your organisational setting or in community settings keeping costs low. The workshops, training and coaching will help you to solve problems in a practical and human way that can help you to:

1. Improve the efficiency of your organisation through better leadership and management 

2. Build the capacity of confidence of your teams

3. Enable you regain clarity and control over all your messy stuff whoever you are and wherever you work.

4. Prove what you do works with impact evaluations and research.


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Thanks, Kaz.